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Flower agate sphere

Flower agate sphere

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A beautiful stone that encourages new beginnings, growth and transformation.

Focusing on clarity with it's delicate nature to be able to open up the heart allowing it to blossom and aid in emotional healing, reconnecting with emotions of love and compassion. It will allow you to identify past traumas and learn from them with a view to not allow the traumas to take control of you any more.

It will ignite a passion to follow your dreams and live life to the fullestusing its Feminine energy that brings comfort, a maternal feel and grounding

Balancing the yin and yang ☯️ it will bring protection, calm, along with determination and perseverance.

Chakra : Heart 💚 root ❤️
Starsign : Gemini ♊️ libra ♎️ Taurus ♉️ cancer ♋️ virgo ♍️

Measurements- 14cm around 

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