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Green Aventurine sphere
Green Aventurine sphere
Green Aventurine sphere

Green Aventurine sphere

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Green Aventurine protects the spleen chakra. Circling
it under the left armpit removes hooks from past
relationships and detaches energy vampires who drain
your energy. The stone prevents reattachment. It protects
and heals the heart. Ameliorating fear, it examines motives
and outdated behaviour patterns, dissolving negative
emotions and thoughts. Green Aventurine looks forward
with joyous expectation and provides support if you are
going outside your comfort zone. It increases confidence
and brings out leadership qualities, strengthening integrity
and compassion. The stone has strong links with the devic
kingdom, increasing fertility. It enhances your own creativity.

Green Aventurine is one of the luckiest stones for
manifesting prosperity, abundance, and success. It
helps one attract new opportunities. It opens the
heart chakra and aids in healing painful emotions
particularly those related to childhood trauma.

Chakra: Heart 💚

Star sign: Aries ♈️  Leo ♌️ 

Green Aventurine sphere
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