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Red Calcite tower
Red Calcite tower
Red Calcite tower

Red Calcite tower

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Red Calcite is a vital stone that  increases energy and willingness to experience life. It is grounding and protects energetic and emotional boundaries.

It will also alleviate your listlessness, confusion, and restlessness.

It will help you prevent overextending yourself, especially for people who are manipulative, and people who just don’t deserve your energies!

Red Calcite is a great stone for women because it’s known to balance hormones and absorb minerals. It’s also a stone that will prepare you for pregnancy and childbirth.

Red calcite is also used for healing and can help to alleviate pain and discomfort. You can also use it to help you to release any pent-up emotions that are causing you stress or discomfort.

Red calcite can also be used to promote spiritual growth and help you to connect with your deeper purpose in life. It can boost your creativity and imagination.

Chakras: root ❤️

Statsign : Cancer ♋️ 


Red Calcite tower
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