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Collection: Usui Reiki courses

Welcome to the reiki training school at SLS Crystal Boutique.

Reiki is a beautiful therapy a bit like a massage for your chakras using universal energy. It helps people so much with anxieties, stresses even illnesses.

In Level 1 you will learn the history of reiki, how to perform on yourself and others both Seated and lying down. How to incorporate crystals and other healing aids. You will get your first attunement which is needed to perform reiki, with out the attunement you won't be connected to universal energy, its a bit like an automatic switch that's integrated into your mind, body and soul.

Level 1 allows you to perform reiki on yourself, animals, friends and family but not at a business level where you can charge for it, but completing level 1 will allow you to train at level 2 and become a practitioner of reiki.

All dates are for Groups and a maximum of 6 people, individual classes are available upon request 

Level one reiki is £150 with the option to split into three payments of £50.

£50 deposit when booking
£50 paid a week before the course
£50 on the day of the course

Level 2 Reiki, will take your reiki skills to another level, incorporating your second attunement, learning the symbols of reiki and practicing at a business level.

Level 2 reiki is £200 with an option to split into three payment

£50 deposit

£75 paid a week before the course

£75 on the day

Reiki master courses are also available on request 

All courses are physical in person courses and must be attended at SLS Crystal Boutique.

Discounts are not available to use on courses 

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