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Goddess in you

Goddess in you

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Using an intuitive blend of mythology, psychology, feminism, spirituality and women’s wisdom, as a psychic lens, Goddesses in You introduces you to twelve goddesses, each of which relate to a feminine archetype or archetypes. Together, they span the panorama of features, the fullness of femininity, that exists in human imagination and the collective unconscious.


Exploring the profiles of sixty notable women, Goddesses in You highlights how these underlying unconscious archetypal behavioural traits, are the powerful invisible threads, the DNA, that shape the roles and govern the beliefs, deepest desires, drives, motivations, actions and emotions of most women at some stage in their lives.


Discovery of how these mythological goddesses from a patriarchal past and their feminine archetypes shape behaviour and personality, influence emotions and relationships, and are responsible for the major differences in women, can awaken us to a new way of seeing ourselves and lead to a better understanding of those around us.


The truth is every woman is a Goddess, and therefore innately divine.

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