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Lapis lazuli tower
Lapis lazuli tower
Lapis lazuli tower

Lapis lazuli tower

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Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stress releaser, It encourages
taking charge of your own life self-expression and
facilitating self-awareness so that you see the bigger
picture, Lapis Lazuli brings objectivity and clarity to the
mind and teaches the value of active listening .A stone of
deep spiritual insight it stimulates psychic abilies.
and clairvoyance, and facilitates spiritual journeying to spirit guardians and mentors. The stone blocks psychie
attack. Placing it on psychic or past-life chakras reverses
curses and clears dis-ease caused by not speaking out
in the past.

Chakra : third eye 👁,  throat 💙 

Star sign: Sagittarius ♐️,  libra ♎️ 


Lapis lazuli tower
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